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    Izvestia: "Private business: the findings of detectives can become evidence in the courts."

    In our country, they don't want to promote detectives. Private investigation is dangerous in the eyes of the state - they are afraid that we will also find something on them.
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    How To Be A Successful Detective If You Are A Woman.

    You can't say anything - our colleague is just a beauty !!! I wish you success, Alexander and all the best!
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    FSB accuses Novosibirsk of selling spy devices because of two GPS trackers for dogs

    The innate idiocy of our organs cannot be cured by anything !!!
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    Detective agency Kharkiv

    Happy Birthday, I wish you all the best!
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    Detectives without diplomas.

    Great article!
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    Shielded mobile phone case. Test.

    Nice clothes for the phone - keeps it warm.: D
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    Laser microphone - windows can listen too!

    If the person you want to listen to is serious, and if the Security Service employees are normal (I mean competently trained, not suckers and not bulls), then they will choose such an office and check it so that any listening will be excluded.