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    KHARKIV ECONOMIC AND LEGAL UNIVERSITY, represented by the President of the University, Candidate of Jurisprudence, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine Orlov Pavel Ivanovich, thanked the Vice President of the MOD, Detective Agency ORLAN for scientific support and active participation.
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    suitable topic for this section!

    The prosecutor's office told their version of the conflict between the judge and the police Thursday, June 13, 2013 7:12 PM The employees of the State Security Service detained in Kharkov during a conflict in a restaurant illegally used force and special equipment against a judge of one of...
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    GAI of Ukraine began hunting for tourists

    GAI of Ukraine began hunting for tourists The traffic police of Crimea became more active at the beginning of the holiday season and prepared many traps for tourists. In early May, the Harpoon automated control system was installed on the Simferopol-Yalta highway. According to the...
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    Sherlock Holmes is resting.

    Sherlock Holmes is resting - what are Ukrainian detectives doing? The plot of the TV show "Groshі". I wonder who the performers are.
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    Kiev thieves most often steal "Lada" and "Toyota"

    Most often cars were stolen on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday Last year, in Kiev, most often stolen cars in the Desnyansky and Darnitsky districts. According to the press service of the metropolitan traffic police, for 12 months of last year, traffic police officers registered 549 facts...
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    The rapist died in hospital after being detained

    Yesterday, January 17, at about 23.00 in the region of Dinasovy Zavod near school No. 14, a rapist attacked a girl who was returning from work. The girl screamed and called for help. She was heard by a local resident and was interrupted by an act of violence. According to the press officer of...
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    SALO is not only loved in Ukraine!

    To the coast of the coastal reserve on the east coast of Scotland, four large barrel-shaped pieces of animal fat were nailed, presumably on a British merchant ship flooded by German aircraft during the Second World War. The fat was stored in barrels, which rotted under the water, as a result...
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    Facebook introduced its own search engine - a competitor to Goog

    Facebook introduced its own search engine - a competitor to Google. The world's largest social network has introduced a new search service Facebook Graph Search, which allows you to find information that is closed to traditional search engines. Despite the fact that Facebook’s own search...
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    Draft Law "On Private Detective Activity" Ukraine

    З А К О Н У К Р А Ї Н И Про приватну детективну (розшукову) діяльність Цей Закон визначає загальні правові засади приватної детективної (розшукової) діяльності в Україні як одного з шляхів забезпечення конституційних гарантій людини на захист своїх законних прав та інтересів...
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    The main archaeological finds of 2012

    The discovery of elementary particles in physics, plans for the development of other planets - science in 2012 looked into the future. But the past also revealed to us many of its secrets. We suggest recalling what archaeologists lived in 2012, writes Louise Isles. January The beginning of...
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    In Kharkov, a judge and members of his family were killed

    In Kharkov, a judge and members of his family were killed On Saturday morning, judge Vladimir Trofimov was killed with his family - his wife, son and his girlfriend. Criminals decapitated the victims, took away parts of the body with them, they have not yet been found Watch video The...
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    who is in Baku.

    Friends, welcome! A letter was sent to the post office with a question about the recommendation and the telephone number of a private detective in Baku. Tell someone to recommend, since in the search box ANYTHING :(
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    A Ukrainian falsely accused in the case of the "canopy maniac", in

    The Ukrainian, falsely accused in the case of the "canopy maniac", was released after 8 years. KIEV, March 22. Maxim Dmitrenko, who was “behind bars” for eight years for a crime which he did not commit, was released from Volnyansk correctional colony. About it according to the information of...
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    On the eve of its 20th anniversary, the SBU called the main threats of Ukraine

    On the eve of its 20th anniversary, the SBU called the main threats to Ukraine KIEV, March 23. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Igor Kalinin called the main threats to the country's security: encroachment on territorial integrity, international terrorism, corruption and cybercrime...
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    SBU calculated the Ukrainians who attacked the websites

    SBU employees held explanatory conversations with Internet users who attacked the websites during the period from January 31 to February 2 The possibility of instituting criminal cases is not commented. About this "proIT" said the head of the SBU Valentin Petrov. According to him, during...
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    The head of the Kharkiv criminalists respects Holmes, and the prosecutor

    The head of the Kharkov forensic department respects Holmes, and the prosecutor of the region - Fandorina “It’s always interesting to figure out the criminal yourself” Perhaps the biggest fan of detectives among our law enforcement officers is the prosecutor of the Kharkiv region, Gennady...
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    Ukrainians will pass fingerprints

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a bill to introduce biometric foreign passports, providing for the image of fingerprints of two (index) fingers, said Minister of Justice of Ukraine Oleksandr Lavrynovych. “The relevant bill was approved by the government, and on Wednesday it will...
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    Following the instructions of the CCTV operator, police pres

    Following the instructions of the video surveillance operator, the policeman was chasing himself! In one of the small towns in the south of England, a curious incident occurred - following the commands of a video surveillance operator, a police officer was chasing himself. Sussex police...
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    "Safe City" in Chicago. World industry practices

    "Safe City" in Chicago. World practices of industry corruption Government purchases at inflated prices and without auction, a monopolist contractor transferring orders to incompetent subcontractors, fake legal entities from whose accounts money flows directly into bureaucratic pockets ... A...
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    GAI patrol cars are gradually equipped with a DVR

    The traffic police patrol cars are gradually equipped with DVRs The traffic police patrol cars will be equipped with video recorders and other equipment that will immediately “break through” the car and driver in the database. Traffic police registrar As reported in the traffic police...