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    Does the record of work at the labor exchange come into the work experience?

    Article 2 of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of February 6, 2007 N 91 "On approval of the Rules for calculating and confirming the insurance period for determining the amount of benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth"...
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    Eugene did not comment on the reason for quoting the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, therefore I will not speak on this part of the post, but I support the advice on communicating with the head of the investigative body. There is a possibility that in a...
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    Watch out if he ...

    I agree with Dmitry, there are no grounds for criminal prosecution. You, Natalya, can only be advised to turn over this page of your life and forget about a person unworthy of your love. More confidence and self-love, then others will love you, and not just villains. A sense of revenge and...
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    Question to the respected lawyers

    Answers: 1. A criminal case shall be instituted both against a specific person and against an unidentified person. The initiation of a criminal case against an unidentified person indicates that the material does not have enough data to initiate proceedings against a specific person. But this...
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    Seven Ways to Trick a Co-Investor

    Risks at your expense Over the past decade, there have been many scandals involving defrauded real estate investors. Many cases are still heard in the courts. And it should be noted that not all of them end favorably for apartment buyers. This is especially true for cases involving...
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    Compensation of health damage to a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Unfortunately, I do not deal with labor law. I can advise you regarding questions before suing to study judicial practice. It is easier to do this on the sites of and court The Constitutional Court accepts applications only on inconsistencies with the Constitution of...
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    unusual way of fraud

    There is another option - these people were convincingly promised a good payment, and those who bought on the “employee of the administration” did not critically evaluate the events. Given the multi-way combination, I would not call its developers simple deceivers.
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    I have a sexual right

    In this, the author of the article got a little excited because The Magadan court made a decision in a particular case, in respect of specific persons and for non-enforcement of this decision, it is possible to bring only these persons, and then only after an official warning that in case of...
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    Question about Armenia !!!

    If you approach the issue from a formal point of view, then of course you can’t bring an official lawsuit against Armen, because There are no basic signs of a contractual relationship. I will not delve into the discussion of this side of the problem. Armen did not even comply with those not very...
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    Mortgage Fraud

    Mortgage Fraud 1) Overstatement by the borrower of its own income. This is not even fraud in its purest form, but simply a person’s desire to buy a better apartment and reckoning on our own “maybe”. Questions: 1. What do people do to look “prettier” in front of the bank credit committee...
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    Real Estate Fraud

    There are frequent cases when real estate transactions do not go quite smoothly. For example, one person acquires an apartment from another. And the contract seems to be drawn up correctly, and signed by both parties, and the purchase and sale process went without any difficulties. However...
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    New home sales fraud

    New home sales fraud The real estate sector has always been attractive to scammers, and if earlier they used to run their schemes exclusively in the secondary market, now they operate in the primary market. Therefore, today, home buyers in new buildings very often become deceived, and most...
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    Let's create a joint venture

    Let's create a joint venture Dmitry, Volgograd: “We worked with a foreign company several times: we conducted a couple of transactions for small amounts and received the same small income. Suddenly they informed us about a very profitable contract. We agreed to divide the profit in half. We...
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    Scams in banks.

    Scams in banks. Recently, in Russia, Belarus and the Baltic states, a significant number of small banks were bankrupted by the founders themselves. The scheme was standard: after the bank was registered, new customers were attracted, switching to cash management services at the established...
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    determination of jurisdiction

    Andrei, is it principally for you to appeal to the Arbitration Court? When filing a lawsuit in a court of general jurisdiction, the state duty will be lower. Such a claim can be safely filed with a court of general jurisdiction. The plaintiff can file a lawsuit as a private person and...
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    I ask critics for a statement to annul the decision by reopening

    In any case, I sincerely wish you good luck! It would be interesting to know the results of your lawsuit.
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    I ask critics for a statement to annul the decision by reopening

    In civil proceedings, the court does not prosecute, for this you need to contact the police or the tax office, depending on what kind of law is violated by the employer.
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    I ask critics for a statement to annul the decision by reopening

    I remind you of your question posted in a previous post:
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    I ask critics for a statement to annul the decision by reopening

    If litigation is so seriously affecting your health, maybe the money you expect to win is not worth your time or nerves? Even in the case of a positive decision, it is unlikely that you will be able to sue a large amount in compensation for moral damage. In the Russian Federation, unlike the...
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    I ask critics for a statement to annul the decision by reopening

    Doctors are not lawyers, so they cannot establish a causal relationship between the trial and the deterioration of your health. However, they can make an entry in medical documents stating that you feel a deterioration in well-being after court hearings, receipt of judicial and other documents...