Detective Agency private detective. Kemerovo.

Детективное агентство Кемерово

19 Сентябрь 2010
Detective Agency private detective. Kemerovo, Russian Federation.

collection of information in civil matters;
Collecting information on the subjects of business, checking potential business partners and customers, identifying reliable or insolvent business partners;
unfair competition;
disclosure of information constituting a trade secret;
identifying biographical and other data characterizing personality of the individual citizens, including at the conclusion of their employment and other contracts;
Search fugitive debtors and missing persons;
search for the lost citizens or enterprises, institutions and organizations of the property;
collection of information on criminal cases;
surveillance of the object.
Business help for banks, insurance companies and businesses:
registration data;
business and credit history;
negative moments in either criminal activity;
links to organized crime;
search for materials on the same topic:
information networks;
analysis on customer requests.

Work on non-standard customer order is executed on a contractual basis, after examining the legal status of the required services. Reception and interview for free.

If your problem does not match any of the above sections, please contact us and we'll try to help you!

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