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Добрый день, проверяем кандидата на должность бухгалтера в нашем филиале (Алматы), необходимо проверить подлинность диплома Университета международного бизнеса (Алматы, Казахстан). Скан диплома имеется. Возможно ли это сделать с подтверждением, продолжительность по времени и стоимость? Спасибо.
Good afternoon! Olga! I read on the MOD forum that you were deceived in Krasnoyarsk. It turned out not to be a Krasnoyarsk person at all. What was your question? Maybe I can decide. I am known in the MOU, including the president who was responsible for me can vouch for me. I will wait for an answer. Better to go straight to me. My name is Nail. My number is +7 917 311 4111 there is a vatsap vibe, etc.
Detective Colombo has connections in government agencies, mobile operators, banks and is ready to assist in obtaining information from databases.
I am ready to work with guarantors, provide discounts to clients, ensure complete confidentiality of the information provided to me.
More details with the list of services and prices can be found here
greetings! An interesting price for the Highway, as well as for the traffic police. I mean you as soon as there is a need. Maybe within the framework of your action we will make a RP or Magistral in the near future.