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Indonesian Private Detective
I have experience as an intelligence agent and investigator in the National Investigative Committee (KIN) of the Republic of Indonesia with trained and certified. As Director of PT. Media Moki Nusantara which is engaged in online media and information services.
Good evening OLEG VLADIMIROVICH. Please tell me how best to do it. I unlearned to become a private security guard and in two weeks I will get a private security license. How it will be possible to undergo training for a private detective with YOU.
In Veliky Novgorod, they train only for a private security guard. Although there is a training program for a private detective, they do not train because there is no demand for this profession.
Good afternoon. Need help in England. There is a photo, there is a phone number. It is necessary to establish the correspondence of the person in the photo with the owner of the room. If it matches, then you need information on this person. You can contact me at +79265536962 in Wats App.